Finding inspiration.

As a lifestyle blogger, I am surrounded by inspiration.

Whether it is a nature walk with my children, flicking through magazines in the doctor’s office, cooking a meal, or reading other blogs, inspiration truly is all around me.

One thing that I am truly passionate about is my children; in getting them away from the television, getting them outdoors, learning something new every day, having memorable experiences, and seeing the joy on their faces.   I encourage them to help in the kitchen, I photograph them jumping in mud puddles, I do craft projects with them, take them on nature walks, teach them new skills, and watch their faces light up as they pop bubbles, dig for buried treasure, and pick flowers.  I hear other parents asking for ideas on what to do when it’s snowing, or looking for ways to keep their children amused during spring break.   For this reason, I blog about the things I do with my children.  I hope that I can inspire others and share ideas with them.

Here are some outside influences that I find to be the most inspiring:

Magazines: Real Simple, Sunset, Artful Blogging

Blogs: Katherine Marie Photography, Old Red Barn Co, A Fanciful Twist, Soule Mama, The Farm Chicks

Looking for more inspiration?

  • Go on a hike and breathe in the fresh air
  • Load the kids into the car and just drive
  • Wake up early and watch the sun rise
  • Go to your local farmers market
  • Plant seeds in pots and watch them come to life
  • Make a bucket list
  • Make an inspiration board full of things you are passionate about

And a few tips:

Tip 1: Never assume that everyone who follows you knows what you know.

My latest post ‘Do you Instagram’ was very simple.  Instagram is a photo app available on iPhone.  The inspiration:  A fellow preschool mom had seen photographs on my Facebook wall and asked me how I had taken them.

Tip 2:  Learning a new skill is empowering.  If you have a gift, share it.

I have another post scheduled to go out soon; a knitting tutorial.  The inspiration: an elementary school friend sent me a message explaining that she was having trouble finding an easy-to-follow tutorial and wondered whether I would post a how-to video.

Tip 3:  Get linky.

Some bloggers love routine.  If they know what they are supposed to post about and when, it gives them time to come up with an idea instead of leaving it until the last moment and scrambling.  You may choose to dedicate a day each week to discuss a certain topic, or you may choose to start or participate in a meme or link party.

My favorites: Ten on Ten Photo Journal, I Heart Faces

Do some soul searching and answer this.  When do you normally feel inspired?

  • In the middle of the night? Keep a notepad and pen by the bed.
  • In the shower? Keep bathtub crayons in a container in the shower.
  • When you are out of the house? If you have a voice memo feature on your cell phone, now is the time to use it.  If not, leave a message on your answering machine at home.

Don’t forget to keep a list of potential blog posts.  You may need them when you have a little writer’s block.

My motto:  Inspire and be inspired!


About The Author: Tonya didn’t include an author bio, so I (Crissy) am writing this.  I asked her to write this guest post on Inspiration, because her blog, Create-Celebrate-Explore, which you can find at, is an inspiration in itself! it is full of the most beautiful photos (and stories) of the crafts and recipes she makes, as well as the places she travels to. You’ll be hard-pressed to not be inspired after reading a few of her posts!

I was lucky enough to meet Tonya in person this past summer when were both attending BlogHer. I was a fan of her blog and invited her to be a speaker on a blogging panel that I was organizing for Etsy.  She was a true delight to meet! She even helped my friends and I out with an emergency craft dilemma before the CheeseburgHer party. Seriously -how many people will stop everything they are doing to help you style a cheeseburger shaped bed?  I can’t wait to see her again this summer in San Diego, where we’ll be attending the next BlogHer conference!