Many people dream of quitting their day jobs and actually making a living by selling their crafts. While this may seem like quite the fantasy, it can become a reality.

As you may have guessed, it can take some time and a lot of hard work to get to a place where you can quit your job, yet still pay the rent. Planning ahead now can make that transition easier. Start by setting a goal of when you would like to quit. Yes, you may be thinking “yesterday,” but set a real goal that gives you enough time to put all the other pieces together.

Once you have your goal, work backwards and set mini goals that will help you reach the main goal. For example, if you need $4,000 per month to cover all of your bills and give you some wiggle room, when do you want to be earning $3,000 or $2,000 per month? Accomplishing these mini milestones will push you forward when you feel less than motivated.

Now that you know how much you want to earn and the date you want to earn it by, it’s time to start figuring out where you are going to sell your crafts. Some local options include craft fairs as well as local retailers.

Selling online through eBay or Etsy makes setting up shop quick, easy, and affordable. Don’t forget to establish your own website, though, as having a domain (website address) with your name or business name will make it easier for people to find you. If you don’t want to set up an ecommerce website, you can link to your eBay auctions or Etsy shop through the website.

There are many other places to sell your products online, such as online craft fairs and online boutiques. Don’t be afraid to go after wholesale contracts with retailers several states away or even across the country.

One thing that you might not have thought of was selling business to business. Many businesses need gifts and promotional products for their customers and business associates, and if you offer a clever and unique item, the business may buy your items in a large quantity. Even reliable, small orders from businesses every month would be a welcome event.

There are so many ways to reach your goals. Creating a few goals and a marketing plan will be the road that leads you to living out those dreams!