New Investor Tips for Saving and Investing Your Money

To get ahead financially in the twenty-first century, we must save our money and invest strategically to build financial stability. It doesn’t matter where you are in finances, but where you can go with planning and self-discipline. If you’re working a nine-to-five job on a minimum-wage income, there are opportunities to make additional income. Keep your mind focused on your financial goals and you’ll eventually see positive results in your savings to invest in your future.

Investment opportunities are available for all income earners regardless of how much money they earn. Investing is complex, requiring much research on investment options, the national and global markets, and how to invest. It is necessary for decision making and reaching your desired goals. The information in this article will provide guidance on safe investments for new investors and what to research before investing your money.

Top Stocks for Beginner Investors in 2020

The entertainment stocks are climbing the list of investing experts’ top picks among technology, pharmaceutical, and biotech stocks. The hottest entertainment companies worldwide are Disney, Comcast, AMC, Time Warner, and Sony. Among the list, Disney, one of the oldest entertainment brands dating back to the 1930s came in number 4 in a round-table discussion on the top stocks in 2020 with expert investors.

When Disney went public with its streaming service investment, its stock increased. The company is capitalizing and in 2018 had $4.5 billion in profit. Much of its profit came from acquisition expansion in sectors of the entertainment industry, including Marvel, Pixar, ESPN, 21st Century Fox, and ABC.

Aspen Technology was the first stock pick to make the list of stocks for new investors to consider in 2020. Autodesk came in second and Danaher was third. The investment experts placed General Electric as fifth and Intuit as the sixth stock.

Ways to Save and Invest

To start saving while working a minimum-wage job, you have to create a budget and track and control your spending. There are plenty of free financial apps to help you with monitoring income and expenses. Now may be the right time to consider making money on the side to save for future investing. When you have enough money in your savings, consider investing in vending machines.

The key is to place them in busy establishments, such as grocery stores, schools, college dormitories, and hospitals, for example. Before purchasing or leasing vending machines, research its quality and functionality features. You can save your profit to invest in stock, mutual funds, or commodities. To receive maximum gain on your invested money, it must be a long-term investment.

There are other opportunities to earn supplemental income for saving and investing. Be creative and put your skills to work by offering services and products in popular demand. It is a start to becoming financially independent by generating and increasing your income.

Tips for New Investors

Beginner investors much educate themselves on investments or rely on the expertise of a licensed broker, investment advisor, accountant, or financial planner. Individuals investing for the first time on their own must first create a financial plan including how much they can afford to invest. Next, set financial goals for savings and investments. Then, determine how long you want to invest, long-term and/or short-term.

The best place to find reliable resources and information pertaining to investments and registered securities is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). New investors have options for online and direct investing and dividend investment if they want to invest on their own. If you don’t have time in your schedule to study and learn about investments, hire an investment professional.

Investors must learn to research before investing in stocks and other investment products. Research enables them to make safe and strategic investing decisions. They have a better understanding of the risks involved and their options of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and currencies. SEC has an EDGAR database for investors to ensure the registration of all securities.

Invest and reach your financial goals with self-discipline in spending and saving. If you hire a professional, also educate yourself on investments to monitor the performance of your investment portfolio. Education and research are important components for successfully saving and investing your money for maximum returns.

Crissy Herron

Crissy Herron is the founder of Indie Biz Chicks. She is the self-described "World's Best Aunt," loves Motion City Soundtrack, is awesome in the kitchen, and is a proud resident of The Mitten State. (that's Michigan, by the way.) And, oh yeah, she used to live in Alaska. (she likes the cold.)

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