Should You Add Coaching to Your Business? Here’s all you need.

Hi. I’m Nicole Dean from Coach Glue and I’m the first of four guest bloggers who will be visiting Crissy’s home here in the next month.

Today I want to talk about why you want to add Coaching to your business and what types of entrepreneurs should think about adding this income stream today.

First, why coaching?

1. It’s a high-ticket item.

You can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on how much time you want to invest and your level of credibility.

2. It’s high-impact. 

You can change lives very quickly with coaching. It’s very rewarding.

3. It’s flexible (that’s a big one for me).

You can create the coaching program that works for you when you want to work.

Design your coaching program however you want. Maybe you love Skype calls, or you just want to do phone calls while you’re driving or in the car while you’re in car line waiting to pick up your kids.

Perhaps you don’t want to get on the phone at all so you just offer email coaching.

Or maybe you want to do face to face coaching.

You can even decide if you have to schedule the calls or if you want to do Voxer coaching so you can batch answer your clients’ questions when YOU want to.

You choose – it’s one of the most flexible online businesses out there.

4. It’s easy to get started.

You don’t need much to get started. In fact, you only need three things.

  1. Your brain.
  2. A paypal or Stripe account
  3. This “Coaching Kit” which is free!

So, who should consider adding a coaching offer?

1. Service Providers.

If you are a Virtual Assistant, Web Designer, Video Producer, Social Media Manager, or anyone with a specialty that people are already paying for, you know enough in order to add a Coaching offer to your site. Try it. It’ll take 5 minutes and you never know who will say “Heck yes!” to that.

2. Bloggers.

If you’re blogging and have a following, no matter what niche you’re in, there are others out there like you who want to “pick your brain” to get your help. If they’re paying enough, let them pick away.

3. Influencers.

If you’re an influencer and have a following on social media that’s larger or more interactive than most, then you can bet that others wish they could ask you questions about how you did it.

4. Speakers.

You’ve already got a platform and know how to rock it. Start offering a coaching program from stage and watch people snap it up!

5. Authors.

Whether you write cookbooks, pet training books, or even trashy novels (which I love), there are people out there who would love to pay you to answer their questions.

So why not?

You’ve got your brain. (Check!)
You’ve got a PayPal or Stripe account. (Check!)
You’ve got a following. (Check! Or you’re working on it!)

The only thing you’re missing is the package of forms to start your business.

Grab 17 Free Forms to Start and Streamline your Business right here. 

Hugs and high fives,
Nicole Dean, Coach Glue

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