Episode 31

Episode 31 of The Indie Biz Chicks Podcast is jam packed with information! Our guest is Claudine Hellmuth. She is a mixed media artist, and you can find her work at www.CollageArtist.com.

Claudine shares her tips on how workshops helped her grow her business, and she shares the story of how she got a book deal, created instructional DVDs, created her own product line and some inside information about her appearance on The Martha Stewart Show.

Like I said – this episode is jam packed with info!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 31”

  1. I have missed 30 podcasts, already? Must catch up!

    PS: I have had a computer crash for 3 yrs in a roll. It took me 3 times to go buy an external drive. BUT…you need to get the stuff out of that and in to DVDs, b/c that drive can crash just like the one inside your puter did.

  2. I use the external hard drive everyday. I have other copies filed away.

    For very important things, you should keep a copy of them outside of your home in case of fire, etc. (you can keep a copy in a safe deposit box at your bank, for instance).

    Another idea is to use an online storage solution. Alyssa Avant of LifeFromMyLaptop.com recently told me about Cryptonite – a program that automatically backs up your files. I haven’t used it personally, but she said she loves it!

  3. Crissy – thanks for the great podcast! For file backup I use Mozy.com it works in the background and updates my files as I create them, then I don’t have to worry about my external HD crashing either!

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