My Review of Blog Evangelists

I purchased Blog Evangelists when it first came out… which was in the fall of 2008, I do believe. It is comprised of 100 lessons to teach you how to create your own blog design business. But don’t be fooled – this isn’t just for people who want to be blog designers – it’s for anyone who wants to work  – and become really good – with WordPress.

First of all, the ladies (Kelly McCausey and Lynette Chandler) who wrote the lessons are amazing. I joined their forum Mom Masterminds back in 2006 and I learned how to work with and do basic customizations to WordPress through the how-to videos that Lynette posted there.

Blog Evangelists goes several steps further than those videos, though. With these lessons, you will learn how to completely customize a WordPress blog. There’s a lesson on each part of the blog – from footer.php to sidebar.php to header.php.

Kelly writes the lessons on the business building part of things, and for good reason. She started her own blog design business and she used her real-life experience to put together the Blog Evangelists lessons.

I was not new to blogging, WordPress, or building a business when I purchased this program. But I still learned a lot of new stuff. And like I said – it’s 100 lessons. You’d be hard-pressed to NOT learn something new!

Unfortunately, the business portion and the design portion are going to be split up soon. This is your last chance to get both of them – all in one piece.

This is priced at $197, so I know it is not cheap. But if you want to learn WordPress, it’s worth it. Hiring someone to customize your blog – once – will be about the same price. If you want more customizations done down the road, you just spent more money on that than you would if you had purchased this program.

And with this program, you’ll have the skills you need to customize blogs as a business. If you simply get one job, you’ll have paid for this program!

Click here to read more about Blog Evangelists and to purchase the program

* Have questions? Lynette and Kelly are offering a free webinar tonight at 9pm. Click here to register

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Crissy Says

How Blogging Changed My Life (Lynette Chandler)

How Blogging Changed My Life – Guest Post From Lynette Chandler

The year was 1999. My husband (then boyfriend) and I were in a long distance relationship and we felt this tremendous need to share our journey with others because back then, online relationships just weren’t that common. You did hear of people in such relationships but it was always negative and we wanted to tell the world, “Hey, look at us, we’re doing OK”.

We ended up starting a website on Angelfire which still is there by the way. The idea was to create a journal of our experiences. Everything. The good, the bad, the emotional roller coaster, the meetings and the goodbyes. Little did I know, what we started then is now called a blog. From that simple blog, we’ve made many friends, some are friends to this day. And to me, the most fulfilling part was helping other couples in their journey too.

It was because of this blog that I created my very first digital product. It was because of this blog that I realized the incredible connections one could make with others and it be applied to business. And this led me to my 2nd digital product, the Blogging Starter Pack, showing other businesses how to set up and manage their blog.

Things have changed so much since that first blog. New tools, new ways to share your content
and get the word out. But it was the experience with that personal blog, that made me realize at the heart of it all, is about sharing ideas, reaching out to others and be available at the same time. That is powerful and can also be profitable.

Today, I have more blogs and also products and services around blogs and blogging. I’ve learned to leverage my own blog for yet another stream of passive income through affiliate recommendations. I’ve learned to work with other bloggers like Crissy to get the word out and promote my products. I’ve also picked up new friends.

How has blogging changed my life? If it were not for that very first blog, I suppose I would probably not have this business that allows me to live my life on my terms. I would also not have found the friends that come with it. That would be sad.

Lynette Chandler is a product of the 80’s analog to digital transitional era and loves gadgets and anything techie. She provides Internet Technology help to other small businesses at


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