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Not sure what affiliate marketing is? This article will help:

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing… This is how many people with online businesses make their living. So, what exactly is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, is when a website owner promotes other people’s products for and receives compensation (commissions) for doing so. Think of a car salesman to help grasp the concept. The company who makes the cars puts them on a car lot and the hires salesman to make the sale. Once that occurs the salesman then makes a commission on the sale.

Like the car salesman who doesn’t take the cars home at night, affiliate marketers do not keep an inventory of the products they promote. Nor do they determine the sales price or handle any of the actual sales. They simply promote the products in various ways that make their customers want to buy. The product owner handles everything else including giving their affiliates promotional tools and tips to help them.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of an affiliate marketing business.

1. Have a website centered around a specific niche.

2. Research products that fit well into that niche.

3. Diversity…don’t just pick one or two products to promote and think that’s enough.

4. At the same time, don’t try to promote products that your target market won’t be interested in.

5. Test different types of promotion and see which ones work the best for you.

6. Most importantly, don’t think affiliate marketing is simply a matter of posting links on a website and waiting for the commissions to role in. You have to put some thought and elbow grease into your promotions in order to make a good income with affiliate marketing.

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