Do You Have An Unhealthy Money Mindset

You have a relationship with money. Everyone does, but not everyone has a healthy relationship with money. Your money relationship is not determined by how many dollars you have in your bank account or what your savings portfolio looks like. Your relationship with...

Win A Passion Planner!

I LOVE my Passion Planner, so I decided to purchase an extra one and give it away to one of my readers. If you’re not familiar with Passion Planner, well, let me introduce you. These are planners, yes .. but they go way beyond a basic planner. Your Passion...

What’s Your Procrastination Telling You?

You should be writing your next Kindle book or editing your sales copy. You should be recording the first few episodes of your podcast or working on your website relaunch. But you’re doing not these tasks. In fact, you find a million reasons not to do them. You tell...

Understanding Your Procrastination Style

There are many reasons solopreneurs and business owners procrastinate. It could be due to perfectionism, overwhelm, or problems prioritizing. The key to overcoming procrastination is learning what your procrastination style is and how to deal with it. Once you’re...

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