Your blog skills could put food on the table!

I am really excited about a new program my friend Kelly McCausey has created. It’s called Blog Evangelists and it teaches people how to create an income out of teaching businesses in their local community about the power of blogging.

If you are familiar with blogs, you’ll know that they can be very powerful marketing tools, but many business owners don’t understand that.

Those that are unfamiliar with the blogging world also do not realize that WordPress is an open source software and that they can install it on a website for free. There are thousands of pre-designed templates available for free. as well. Tweaking a template to change the colors, add a  customized header, background, etc is fairly easy.

This makes WordPress a VERY affordable option for a small business. Many graphic design companies charge upwards of $5,000 to begin working on a site, but YOU could easily earn a couple hundred dollars per job, installing and tweaking wordpress themes.

Learn more about how to get started in this type of business by visiting Blog Evangelists

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