Drive Your Sales (without coming off like a 1970’s used car salesman)

We’ve all seen the satire of a 1970’s used car salesman… They’re pushy, they want to sell cars, and they’ll step all over themselves in order to do so.

Many people want to avoid sales in order to avoid becoming “that person.” Well, if you avoid sales, you are avoidiing money… and that isn’t going to do your wallet any good.

So how can you drive your sales UP without seeming like a pushy car sales person?

Try Pre-Selling…

Reviews are an excellent way to pre-sell a product. Reviews, when they’re written honestly and from an unbiased or seemingly unbiased, perspective they add credibility to a product. They give the customer information to make an informed purchase.

Articles are also a great way to pre-sell a product. An article can provide quality information about a subject and then offer product solutions. Say for example the article’s goal is to pre-sell organic seeds. The article topic could be about when the best time to plant is or how to grow an organic garden. In this context it is easy to weave a text link into the article that interested customers could click on to purchase those wonderful organic seeds. They come to your site an interested party, read your sales copy and make a purchase.

Coupons, discounts and special promotions are also a great tool that can be used to encourage prospective customers to click through to your site. A coupon can be simply listed on their site as a banner ad, can be used in ad copy and can even be included in article copy or blog postings.

(don’t forget – you can send these coupons in your monthly newsletter! No time to create one? Try Quick And Easy Newsletters for pre-written newsletters that you can customize and send out to your customers)


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