Is It Time For Your Biz To Get In Shape?

Each January, many of us make goals to get in shape. We join gyms, buy running shoes, and commit to working out. Isn’t it time you made the same goals for your business?
In the 6 Week Biz Fit Plan, I’ll show you how to cut the fat out of your business, focus on what’s important, clearly define your goals, help you create a plan to achieve your goals, and get you on the fast track for success in 2010.

If you want to change your business for the better, it’s time to take action!

Each week, you’ll receive a new workbook with a weekly homework assignment that will serve as your business “workout.” You will also have a private forum where you can ask me questions, get feedback on your homework assignments, and we’ll also have regular group coaching sessions via phone on Wednesday mornings (if you can’t make it, I will send you the recording).

Here Is An Outline Of  “The 6 Week Biz Fit Plan”

* Define Your Biz – Too many people are involved in too many businesses… let’s define exactly what you do and who your target market is.
* Cut The Fat – Now that you have a clear picture of where your biz is headed, let’s cut the fat and streamline your activities. It’s time to get focused!
* Website Makeover – Chances are, your website has a lot of fat on it, too. Let’s take a look at how we can get your website in shape and looking good!
* Promotional Plan – Now it’s time to plan the main strategies to build buzz for your biz throughout the year!
* Creating Income Streams – Let’s define some income streams to build upon your biz (without losing focus)!
* 2010 Goals – Tell me what you want to accomplish this year, and I’ll help you create an action plan to achieve it.

This Program Begins January 4, 2010 &  Is Limited To 25 Participants

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