Power In Groups!

If you find yourself lacking in motivation, one of the best ways to get inspired is to bounce ideas off someone else. Once you start talking to someone, ideas may come to you that you didn’t even know you had inside you!

Now, if you work from home by yourself, it can be a little hard to do this … in person. But you can easily “talk” with people online!

You can ask for feedback on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, I would be a bit cautious when talking about an idea for a site or product – as someone could steal your idea. The stuff that you put out on Twitter is there for the whole world to see. But asking for feedback on a site or product you have already created is fine.

When I first started Indie Biz Chicks, I joined an online forum called Mom Masterminds. This was one of the best decisions I ever made! There were so many learning resources and I got some great feedback and ideas from the members. (and no, I’m not a mom and you don’t have to be one to join.)

Luckily, I have made some great friends close by who also have businesses. I have come up with many an idea over coffee or drinks with Beth Nixon and Lish Dorset (both of Handmade Detroit.)

If you are not connecting with other business-minded people, you are missing out on some fun – and a lot of motivation!

Crissy Herron

Crissy Herron is the founder of Indie Biz Chicks. She is the self-described "World's Best Aunt," loves Motion City Soundtrack, is awesome in the kitchen, and is a proud resident of The Mitten State. (that's Michigan, by the way.) And, oh yeah, she used to live in Alaska. (she likes the cold.)

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