Fall Marketing Ideas, Vol 2

It won’t be long and the summer season will be sliding into Fall. If you’re not prepared, your marketing will be falling to the wayside! A couple of weeks ago, I brought you the first volume of my Fall Marketing Ideas — if you did not read it, you can find it here. And, now, without making you wait any longer, here is the next installment of ideas:

Get In On A Show: Whether it is a craft show, art fair, women’s expo, health expo, trade show, etc. If a crowd of people are gonna be there and your product fits into the theme of the event, be there! You can find all types of events to fit your budget. And if there aren’t any shows at all in your area, create one yourself. You don’t have to put on some huge event – start small. Invite people to your house! Partner with a couple of other business friends and each of you invite your friends and family. Your business will be introduced to new people. Go for it!

Partner On A Fundraiser This idea works best with less expensive items that are easy to create. If you have a product that fits the description, partner with a local organization on a fundraiser. For example, let’s say that you are partnering with a local gymnastics school. You will create flyers / small booklets that the kids can use to showcase your product. They will take orders and then you will donate a certain percentage of the total sales to the gymnastics school. It’s just like when you sold candy or gift wrap for your own school fundraisers – except this time, YOUR product is the fundraiser!

Get Up In Front Of A Crowd: Okay – I know that this one might be a little scary. Or maybe “a lot scary” depending on how much you fear public speaking, but if this is something you can stomach, it can be a great way to promote your biz! Let’s say you offer a service that a local business could use, such as web design or SEO, contact the chambers of commerce in your area and see if you can speak at an upcoming meeting. Many local libraries also have free meeting rooms that you can hold a class in.

The library may have a rule that you cannot sell anything if you are using a free room. That’s okay – you can give a free class and make sure to mention several of your paid services during your presentation. Make sure to bring a clipboard with some paper so that the attendees can sign up for your mailing list, and pass out a coupon at the end with a special offer, such as “15% off your services,” etc.

The Fall Biz Guide will be out on September 1. This guide will be FULL of biz tips and will be featured on my site, my newsletter, and be promoted via Twitter and Facebook. Ads in the guide are only $15. To learn more and to secure your ad spot, click here to visit the Fall Biz Ads info page.

Need help putting the above ideas into place? Click Here to go to our Services Page and see how I can personally help you market your biz. From writing press releases, business consultations, and more, I can work one on one with you to kick start your marketing!

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Internet Marketing For Small Business

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be marketing gurus, marketing superstars, and so forth. Most of these people are spewing total garbage. And trying to take a ton of your money in the process.

Internet Marketing for small business can have big business results! I know it can be frustrating when you don’t know where to turn, so I have created this list of resources to help you find your way!

Focusing your marketing on internet users is different than marketing offline. If you’re new to this, definitely check out Internet Marketing Sweetie. This is a free course to help you get started. And even if you’ve been advertising online for a while, you might pick up a new idea. I mean, it’s free so why not give it a shot?

Marketer’s Mojo is run by my friend Angela Wills and it’s filled with real-life tips you can easily apply.

I met Angela online, about 4 years ago, through Mom Masterminds. And while we’re on that topic, Mom Masterminds is another great resource for you. It’s a paid online forum. Now, I know that there are plenty of free forums out there, but who do you want to take advice from? From people who are really working from home, who are seriously focused on their business – so focused that they are willing to pay a monthly membership fee to be a part of a forum… Or do you want to take advice from any Sally, Linda, or whoever that can sign up for a free forum, and possibly steer you down the wrong path?

For those of you who are interested in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend ClickNewz. This site is run by Lynn Terry, and she has been working from home and supporting herself with affiliate marketing for over a decade!

And let’s not forget about your newsletter! Wahmcart is a great tool for small business email marketing! This powerhouse lets you crate and send emails to an unlimited number of lists, contains a digital shopping cart, affiliate management system, and ad tracker all in one! And it’s under $40 per month! (similar systems go for over $100 a month – so this is a great savings! Click Here for a 2 week trial for only $1.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about the site you are on right now! Indie Biz Chicks has some great articles to help you create a marketing plan for online business.

I have also created the following products to help you with your marketing!

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The Power Of The Press Release

When it comes to marketing your business, press releases deliver a powerful punch. They can help you market your business both online and offline – and sending out a press release can help you get traffic to your site for many months to come!

Let’s take a look at the different ways press releases can help you:

Get Featured In The Media – When you hear the term “press release” this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Sending press releases to your local media can result in a front page newspaper story on your business or an interview on your local 6pm newscast.

Increase Your Web Presence – Submitting your press releases online will help you get found by editors and reporters who are searching online, looking to interview people for stories they are working on. And it will also help you get found by people searching online for the products and services you offer. Yep, that’s right! Press releases are indexed, and therefore, searchable!

Provide Incoming Links To Your Site – And on that note, press releases provide high quality incoming links to your site. The more you have, the more search engines respect you and the more worth they place on your site.  Once you start getting all this love and respect from search engines, they will place you higher in their search results. When someone goes to a search engines and types in the kind of product or service you offer, you could end up as the first or second result. And that means you’re gonna get a lot of free traffic! (Thanks to those press releases you submitted online!)

So now that you know what press releases can do, the question is why aren’t you sending out more press releases?

You can get a customized press release for your business, written by me, for only $45 by clicking here

OR – you can grab 5 pre-written press releases (you simply insert your business name and send ’em out) for only $34.95 by clicking here

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#indiebizchat – Marketing Mistakes – May 10

The next Indie Biz Chicks Twitter Party will be Monday, May 10 from 9 – 10pm Eastern time. We will be talking about Marketing Mistakes (and you just might be making some of them)!

I recommend using TweetGrid to keep track of the discussion. You can log in by clicking here.

Remember to use the hashtag #indiebizchat when you enter in your tweets.

RSVP below by posting a comment! That way, you can start following the other attendees on Twitter in advance of #indiebizchat

** Not sure how to join the Twitter Party? Click Here to watch the Twitter Party Video for instructions.

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Special Discount on Year Long Marketing & Blogging Plan – This week only!

If you are feeling a little sluggish and need a motivation boost, this is your lucky week! As you can see, it’s all about motivation this week on Indie Biz Chicks!

AND – I have a very special offer for you! For this week only, you can grab a copy of The Year Long Marketing & Blogging Plan for only $10. (Normal price is $30)

You can view a sneak peek of the guide here:

To get the special price,  click here to purchase for only $10

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Easy Marketing Plan – Just Be You (guest post from Angela Wills)

Hi, I’m Angela Wills! Crissy has been so kind to invite me on over to her blog to share a post about building a business that you love. My business and website located at is all about providing business owners with the information and tools they need to build a successful business. A business that gives them not only money but an amazing life. That’s what I want for everyone, including you.

So here is my guest blog post for all you smart and talented Indie Biz Chicks readers:

Easy Marketing Plan – Be Who You Want to Be

Do you ever wish marketing your business wasn’t so hard? Do you wonder why you are even doing what you do to promote your business?

Let’s change it up a little!

What if you just marketed your business in a way that suits YOU. In a way that fits your personality, that makes you feel happy, useful and helpful. Would that make a difference to your business and your life?

I think so.

Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck

You see, too many people see marketing their business as a nasty task. They hate selling to people. They hate being pushy and trying to shove their business in other people’s faces. If you hate that too then I have a simple solution for you – stop doing it!

You’ve been lied too if you’ve been told that you have to market in a way that goes against who you are and what you stand for. You’ve been lied to if you think marketing has to be an ‘in yer face’ ‘hunter vs. prey’ type of situation where you come out the winner or you don’t get to feed your family.

You absolutely can be the amazing, brilliant, shining YOU and make money!

Ok enough of the fluffy, just how do you do that? How do you make money by being you?

A Practical Plan to Marketing Your Business

The thing is there are hundreds of ways to market your business and they all work. You just need to find out what you like to do.

Me, I love to write about stuff I know. I love to share that with other people. So I blog, I podcast, I do videos, I write articles and I share. While I do that I am marketing my business. Right now I am marketing my business by giving you advice on how to market yours and I LOVE that!

You’ve seen all the lists of how you can market your business on and off the internet. Go to them now with a new mindset. Pick through them based on what you enjoy, what you’re good at and what you can scale up big to make even more money.

Easy Marketing PlanI’ve got more ideas for you too! At this point I’d love to invite you to grab a free copy of my special report called “Market From The Heart“. It’s a report that shares How to Be You & Be Profitable. As a special bonus you’ll also be subscribed to my email list where you’ll get only good stuff on how to build a business you love.

Just enter your name and email below to grab your free report now:

Angela Wills
Angela Wills

p.s. When you sign up for the report you’ll also find out about the free mini-courses I offer at Marketers Mojo with practical steps to getting more traffic, sales and leads to your business.

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Crissy Says

This is what Molly Rahe has to say:

I just received this testimonial from a client, Molly Rahe of Elizabeth Jewelry:

” I hired Crissy to do some marketing for me for a month. The results have been fantastic! Strong and steady have been the sales, and one weekend the sales went through the roof! I highly recommend her, especially for anyone who just wants to sit back and let Crissy do the work!”

If you’d like to sit back and let me do some marketing work for you, you can view my services here.

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How to Use Etsy or eBay to Bring in More Customers

It is the holiday season and I have been a shopping machine. Well, an online shopping machine! I prefer shopping in my pjs and people stare when I go to the mall like that 😉 One of the biggest trends I noticed this year was people using the Big Sites (where all of the customers are) and using it to their future advantage. I have a few good examples to share with you, and I hope you can use them in your indie biz.

I placed orders on eBay, Etsy and Amazon, all huge sites with millions of customers. The three businesses sold items on these sites and then funneled the customer (me!) to their main sites, so I can continue to buy directly from the in the future.

Let’s start with eBay, I bought my mom a charm for her charm bracelet, the price was great and it came in the mail very quickly. When I opened the package, they had included a note on letterhead (with their online shop address, not the eBay store) and advised me of their shipping policy, their refund policy and ways to contact them.

After they got the admin stuff out of the way, they said “if you liked the merchandise you have just received, we have thousands of other 14kt gold and Sterling silver charms on our website: (website url)”. They know I am interested in charms, so of course I am going to keep the letter or visit and bookmark their site. They have used eBay to get a customer, and then funneled me right to their own shop. Brilliant!

The second example is a purchase I made through Etsy, I bought a few custom necklaces for family members. I haven’t actually received the necklaces yet (and Christmas is a week and a half away – eek!) but a few days after I ordered them, I received a promotional email from the jewelry maker about a sale she was having in her online shop (not Etsy). I didn’t even know she had an online shop, and there were so many more gorgeous necklaces there, than what she was offering on Etsy, I ended up ordering a few for myself.  Something as simple as adding a customer from a “big site” to your email list, is enough to convert them from a random buyer to a repeat customer.

The last example is an experience I had on Amazon; as you may or may not know, Amazon does not handle all of the products they offer for sale (and I am talking new products, not their used section). Companies use the Amazon system (customers and payment), and then they physically pack up the products and ship them to you. I bought some housewares, and in the box there was an instruction sheet, with information about the store and their return policy. I decided to check out the site, and I noticed their prices were less than Amazon, and I have since ordered twice, directly from the shop.

So the lesson here is (yes, I am going to beat you over the head with it), if you sell physical, real life products, it is a very good idea to also list your items on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or all of the above so you can increase the amount of sales you get with their vast amount of customers, but more importantly, funnel the people into your own online shop and make them customers for life.

So get out there and start using the big sites to sell more and sell often!

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Take a Shot!

I often hear (and am guilty of it sometimes myself) small biz owners say “I’m not a big enough business to try that” or “I don’t have a chance of getting into that”, so they don’t bother to submit articles, send samples to magazines or websites, or try to get their product into that big store they dream of.

The problem with down-playing your business and feeling as though you aren’t worthy of more, is that you are simply hindering your own growth and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy! If you don’t dream big and reach for that dream, then your business will be stunted only by yourself.

Months ago, I saw a request from the giant shopping website, on HARO. RedPlum was looking for submissions for their many different holiday shopping gift lists. As someone that has used their gift lists in the past to shop for my friends and family, I immediately wanted to send them a picture and write-up on my Record Notebooks. Immediately after that, I thought to myself that there was absolutely no chance that I would actually get in their lists…in the past I’ve seen items from Banana Republic, Target and other big corporations on RedPlum. Still, I thought I should send them an email anyway. Maybe someone in the office would think my notebooks were neat and buy one, so I took a shot.

Weeks later, I got an email from RedPlum. They were interested in seeing a couple product samples to show test panels. Again, I thought “I’m just one person, a woman making these in her kitchen. I don’t have a shot at this. But maybe the test panels will like it, and I can make a few sales!”, so I sent them two of my favorite notebooks.

I was completely shocked and wonderfully surprised to then receive an email from their editor that they loved my samples and wanted to include my notebooks in RedPlum’s 30 under $30 Editor’s Choice Gift Guide! Not only was my small business included in the list, but the website would be hosting parties all over the United States for top bloggers to see the products included in that list! I was getting free exposure to hundreds of bloggers, and then through RedPlum’s website for practically nothing. I said to my husband “If only they knew I’m not a huge company, I’m just a girl working out of her home!”.

The Gift Guide came out this week. My notebooks were number six on the list, right above Demeter Fragrances. I LOVE Demeter Fragrances! I buy Demeter Fragrances! What a compliment to be right above them on this list!

All through this process, I thought it was crazy that I would be picked. That I wasn’t worthy of it, because it’s just me. No employees, no warehouse, just me. Then it occured to me… why not? What does any of that have to do with it? I make a great product, and one that a lot of people love. It doesn’t matter how small time I am, not to my customers and not to bloggers and not to RedPlum. What is important is that I make something people like. And the more people are exposed to it, the more sales I have, and the possibility of this tiny business that I have can grow.

So take that chance, even if you don’t think you have a chance in hell! Who knows what can happen, just dream big and keep telling yourself that it is possible, and work towards it! Everything that you can do and try is worth the time, and you are worthy of it!

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