The Power Of The Press Release

When it comes to marketing your business, press releases deliver a powerful punch. They can help you market your business both online and offline – and sending out a press release can help you get traffic to your site for many months to come!

Let’s take a look at the different ways press releases can help you:

Get Featured In The Media – When you hear the term “press release” this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Sending press releases to your local media can result in a front page newspaper story on your business or an interview on your local 6pm newscast.

Increase Your Web Presence – Submitting your press releases online will help you get found by editors and reporters who are searching online, looking to interview people for stories they are working on. And it will also help you get found by people searching online for the products and services you offer. Yep, that’s right! Press releases are indexed, and therefore, searchable!

Provide Incoming Links To Your Site – And on that note, press releases provide high quality incoming links to your site. The more you have, the more search engines respect you and the more worth they place on your site.  Once you start getting all this love and respect from search engines, they will place you higher in their search results. When someone goes to a search engines and types in the kind of product or service you offer, you could end up as the first or second result. And that means you’re gonna get a lot of free traffic! (Thanks to those press releases you submitted online!)

So now that you know what press releases can do, the question is why aren’t you sending out more press releases?

You can get a customized press release for your business, written by me, for only $45 by clicking here

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Power Publicity And Promotions

Are you looking for some great publicity? Of course you are! Here are a couple items that can help you bring your business into the spotlight!

Power Publicity And Promotions Ebook – I started my website in the summer of 2007. Since then, I’ve spent less than $150 on advertising. In this ebook, I explain what I did to grow my web traffic to over 10,000 monthly visitors, have my work featured in national magazines, receive interview requests from magazine editors in New York City, and even become featured on Fox Business….

Cut n’ Paste Press Releases – Would you like to start sending out press releases, but just aren’t sure where to begin? Try these 5 Pre-Written Press Releases on for size. Just customize ’em and send ’em out. Quick and Easy!

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It’s All About The Brand

In today’s society, we associate different products with tag lines and commercials.  This is all a part of brand recognition.  Just to hear the name of a brand brings to mind the type of quality and the type of advertising associated with it.  Brand recognition is a desired achievement for anyone in business.

You might not be Nike or Pepsi, but who’s to say that one day your product won’t instill the same loyalty?  Brand recognition is not just a tangible quality but also an intangible feeling.  We can touch a product, use it, and determine if we like it.  The intangible feeling is how a brand is perceived by the public.

A business that markets a product knows their product.  How does it feel, taste, sound?  What makes it stand out from the rest?  There are plenty of sodas on the market but Pepsi and Coca-cola are the names that people can quote you off the top of their heads.  It could be the flavor or the design of the logo.

You can achieve brand recognition with your product.  Let the customers associate positive words with your product and increase your sales.  Here’s how:

1.  Determine what sets your product apart from others.  It could be that you are a small business with home-made products.  The home-made stitching or lettering spells quality and that is what you want people to know.  Maybe prompt customer service is your brand or timely delivery.

2.  Poll your customers.  The best way to find out anything is to ask.  What do they think of your product?  Online surveys and quality assurance measures create information that you can use to tweak your product or service, until it reaches the level that satisfies customers completely.  You can use focus groups or telephone calls to determine how well or not well you product is doing.

3.  Make your unique brand a reality.  Use the information from various sources to give life to your brand.  If you offer home-made dolls or cloth napkins, or a dating service, advertise using your special quality.  It can help with developing a daring new logo or a tagline.  Demonstrate to each customer your brand in action every time they come to your website.

4.  Use other media to promote your brand.  Advertise on websites; make short videos, newspapers, and the like to bring attention to your brand.  Customers can choose your product over a similar one because you have free shipping or an excellent return and exchange policy.

A brand helps a business to survive in the tough market where there are plenty of products to choose from.  Yours will stand above the others with a brand that adequately represents your company and is demonstrated to each customer.

Do you know how to get great press? Being featured in the media can be more effective than paying for advertising. Learn more at:

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Crissy Says

Marketer’s Mojo:There Is No Reason NOT To Be Attending This Event!

If you are reading my website, you probably have some kind of business.. or you at least want to have one.  After all, this is a business info focused website! More than likely, you want to know how to market your business online…. Does that sound about right?

Now, I have anohter question for you…. How would 4 days of training from people who are making their living with an online business sound? No hype. No “make millions overnight” kind of stuff. I’m talking about real women who are really earning money, working from home. Real women who will give you real advice and real insight… not some cheesy mumbo jumbo that doesn’t even make sense.

It kind of sounds too good to be true, but this event is happening. It’s the Marketer’s Mojo Virtual Conference. It’s taking place February 16 -19. The best part is that it is virtual – all the training will be done via phone. If you cannot attend a session, don’t worry. All of the calls will be recorded and, as long as you registered, you will receive the recording.

There will be 20 speakers at this event (including myself!), teaching you a wide assortment of things, such as how to network with social media, publicity tactics, how to turn your manuscript into a book, how to write for the web, create additional income streams, connect with your audience (my topic!), and more.

The cost to attend this virtual conference is $97 and I think that is well worth it. I know several of the speakers and have learned many things from them already. I am super excited to hear from the people I am not familiar with, too. I love learning new things and I know I am going to pick up a lot of tips from this event. Plus, I am an audio junkie. I love the fact that I will be getting all of the audio from this event. 20 hours of business info, loaded onto my iPod. Talk about awesome!

I hope you will be registering for this event. There will be so much to learn! AND there is a 100% money back gaurentee if you are not satisfied. You have nothing to lose – and so much to gain!

To register, visit:

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Managing Your Biz

Get Ready For Power Publicity Version 2.0

If you were one of the first people to learn about the launch of last year, you probably remember the “Power Publicity!” guide.

This was a free guide that I used to generate some buzz about the launch of the website, and I gave it away to my first 100 subscribers.

I used the same techniques I wrote about in the guide to promote my own website and since launching the site – less than a year ago, I’ve received some amazing results.

And that leads me to the point of this whole email. I’m now working on “Power Publicity! Version 2.0”

This new, updated, bigger, better version will have all the stuff the first one had, PLUS some! In addition to the extra info, I’ll be sharing my own experiences throughout the past year.

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the new version, but in the meantime, I put together this free 5 day ecourse which will definitely get you started on your publicity journey!

You can grab it here:

I’ll keep you updated and let you know as soon as Version 2.0 is ready!

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How To Build A Press Kit & Media Room

A press kit and media room are great tools for alerting the media about the launch of a new business or product. The design and voice of the material should reflect what it represents, while maintaining a professional appearance. While the package should be unique, there are guidelines governing what material should be contained within the folder. Here are the basics.

• Press Release. This is a document that provides specific details. What is it about? Who is involved? When will it happen? Why is it important? Be compelling, answer the basic questions, and provide contact information so interested editors and writers can request additional material.

• Bio Sheet. A one-page profile of each individual involved should be included in the press kit. Give a synopsis of the person’s role in the project, the educational and professional experience that qualifies them for the job, and a persuasive glimpse of their unique contribution to the endeavor.

• Photographs. Publications use art to break up the gray of type and make pages more visually appealing. Provide a black-and-white glossy photo of the key players, the product, the company’s offices, or the ground-breaking ceremony, for instance. Write a brief photo caption that identifies the subject so editors aren’t left guessing or scrambling for the information on deadline.

• Backgrounder. This is a historical account of developments leading up to the current moment. It can be written as a chronological list of facts from inception to the present, or a narrative highlighting significant developments. This is the place to include all relevant facts and figures.

• Company brochure. This can be included in addition to, or in place of, the backgrounder sheet.

List of reviews. Include a sheet listing all articles, interviews, broadcast clips, and online publicity relating to the product, company, or principles. Also include a reproduction of one or two of the best clips available.

Building an online media room offers immediate availability of press material. This page on your website is set up just like a press kit and can include links for the same materials found in the press kit.

In some cases, an online media room is all you need. It’s convenient, as the press can access it any time of day; it’s more affordable, as there are no costs for materials and shipping; and it’s also environmentally friendly, as there is no paper used.

An online media room is also interactive. A business owner can link to video clips of interviews, provide mp3 downloads of audio interviews, and allow access to digital files of photographs.

The press kit and media room are both essential tools in generating “buzz” about a product, service, or event. The small investment of time can lead to invaluable publicity.

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