Marketing campaigns used to consist of direct mailers, e-mails that generally wound up in the Spam box, and search engine pay-per-click ads. However, internet marketing has rapidly evolved, and has provided businesses with new and more efficient ways of reaching potential customers.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have made it possible to reach audiences that traditional marketing would have never been able to reach. Companies now have access to thousands of new potential clients, but to effectively reach them, businesses need to actively take control of multiple social networking accounts involving their brand.

Marketing on social media sites isn’t just about hiring an online media buying agency. Companies interested in effectively marketing themselves on the internet must also hold positive active accounts on numerous social media platforms and properly manage these sites. The average consumer now goes directly to a business’ Facebook page to review the company instead of going to the business’ primary website. For businesses, this means that as part of their marketing businesses must actively convey a consistent and positive message across each site to better promote their products or services. They also need to make themselves easily accessible so that company patrons are able to easily Follow or Like the company, and advertise via word-of-mouth.

Although using social media sites provides companies with a great way to market themselves for free, they should also consider investing in an Online Media Buying agency. Instead of wasting hours of previous time and energy scouring sites for the best ad spots, a social media buying agency will do it for you. Not only will they find areas considered prime real estate for your ads, but they will conduct all the research needed to make sure that your ads are reaching the right audience and thus, providing you with the highest return.

Having ads in the side bar of social media sites can be incredibly rewarding. Because most of these sites provide users with ads that apply to their already current interests, users are more likely to have sites pop up that would be of interest to them. Because most of the ads pertain to their specific interests, users are more likely to click on them because they don’t just come across as randomly placed spam ads. Companies that use these types of ads only have to pay for them when they are clicked on too making it one of the most cost effective advertising techniques.

There is no denying the ever growing importance of social media sites to companies. Businesses would be downright foolish to not immediately take advantage of these sites to increase their business. In 2010, Ford took advantage of Facebook, and decided to release its new Explorer on the site instead of through a SuperBowl commercial.

The payout was huge – nearly 400 times more successful than a traditional SuperBowl commercial would have been. If you want to reach a whole new client base and continue towards both national and international growth, simply create a few social media profiles. With a little attention, you will be surprised by what a few free profiles can do for you.