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Spring Your Business Forward – With Free Business Training

Are you ready to spring your business forward?

I have got some GREAT free business training for you- and it will help motivate you to work hard and push yourself towards your goals!

Each day, from March 12 – April 10, you will get a daily business tip via email, and you’ll also be invited to live, weekly business calls, where I will tackle subjects such as blogging, creating new income streams, time management, finding motivation, and much more!

All of the training is free! All you need to do is sign up below, and you’ll be registered for the business tips, weekly calls, and special surprise bonuses!

First Name:
Email Address:

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Earn An Extra $1,000 In February

Last month, I wrote a blog post introducing you to Work At Home United.

I wanted to let you know about a special promotion where you can get started and earn at least $1,000 – guaranteed!

To learn more about Work At Home United, click here.

(P.S.  If you decide to request more information, I’ll be the one contacting you and giving you all the details. So – no need to worry or be shy. I’m someone you’re already familiar with!)

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Free Webinar: Learn How Good Graphics Help Your Sales!

I want to invite you to a free webinar that’s caught my interest and it’s coming up fast. Check this out:

Webinar: ‘The ABC’s of Web Graphic Profits’.

Time: 2pm-3pm ET, Tuesday, February 7th

On the webinar you’ll discover three ways to increase profits with web graphics:

A: Advertise It – On the webinar Angela will share with you some simple ways to promote and advertise your business with graphics. Some ways are paid, some are free. You do what works for you.
B: Brand It – If your branding is a complete mess then people won’t recognize your company. On the call I will give practical, useful and easy to implement tips for creating a brand using nothing but some simple skills and Gimp (the free web graphics design software).

C: Compliment It – On web pages, blog posts, emails and salespages a good image is a complimentary way to draw in readers attention, get or keep them reading and compel them to take action upon completion. On the webinar Angela wills cover how to easily (and affordably) add complimentary graphics to any piece of content.

There will be a drawing that will take place during the webinar for ‘The Graphics Mojo Project’ (value $297), an exciting new project where a select few students will work with Angela to create graphics with purpose.

Sign up to secure your spot in the webinar, click here

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Sneak Preview – The Biz, Marketing, And Blogging Plan

Do you have a plan for your business in 2012? Do you know what you’re going to blog about? What kind of promotions you’re going to have? If you don’t, you’re not alone. The fact is, most people don’t have a plan.

I’m here to help!

Download a free preview of The Biz, Marketing, And Blogging Plan For 2012 by clicking here

You can also listen to an audio of how to use the workbooks and examples of how to put it all together by clicking here

If you like the preview, you’ll want to grab the whole set of workbooks. You’ll get

  • The Blogging Workbook – With 20 Blog Post Ideas Per Month
  • The Expand Your Income Workbook – With 10 Ideas Each Month
  • The Promotion Workbook – With 3 Promo Ideas Per Month
  • A Sample Promo Plan With Timelines
  • A Blogging Calendar Template (you can open in Excel or Open Office)

Normally priced at $35, Click Here to grab all of this at a discount price of $19. 



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Business Bamboo

My nephews are in karate. In the last year, they have gone from white belt to green stripe one. They just accomplished their new belt level last week, and of course, I went to the belt ceremony.

Before their Master handed out the new belts and awards, he talked a little bit about the achievements the students had made, and compared their learning process to bamboo.

I didn’t know this, but he had said that it takes 5 years for bamboo to sprout. Can you imagine that? You plant some bamboo, and you have to take care of it – feed and water it, weed it, etc. So, you’re taking care of it everyday, but you don’t see it sprout for five years!

But guess what happens when it does sprout? It goes from sprout to 90 feet tall in six weeks. That’s 90 feet tall in 6 weeks!!!

So what does this have to do with you? Well, think of your business as bamboo. Don’t quit!!! Just like bamboo, you’re going to have to take care of it everyday. In the same way you feed and water bamboo, you need to “feed” and “water” your business. You have to keep blogging, working on your SEO, staying active in social media, and of course, creating / offering new products and services.

It may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere. Remember, nothing happens overnight. So just keep going. Keep taking care of it. If you quit before it “sprouts,” you won’t see the phenomenal 90 foot growth.

The next time you feel like quitting, think of that bamboo. And keep going.
For blogging (and marketing) ideas, pick up a copy of The Year Long  Marketing And Blogging Guide. It is filled with 156 blogging ideas and 52 marketing tips! (enough for 3 blog posts per week and 1 new marketing strategy, each week — for a whole year!)

The Year Long Marketing And Blogging Guide is only $10 through December 11! Click Here To Purchase Now!

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5 Steps To Make More In 2012

With 2012 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like out of your business in the coming year.

I think “Make More In 2012” is a GREAT theme and goal!

Here are 5 Steps that you can take to expand your business and earn more in the coming year:

Affiliate Marketing – If you already have a blog and/or website, you have everything you need to get started in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you will help other businesses market their products and services. You can do this by writing a review on your blog, posting graphics on your sidebar, sending out a tweet, etc. You will have a special link to use. If someone uses that link to purchase a product, you will earn commission.

Working With Brands – This is a big one! Now, sometimes you will get paid outright by the brand for hosting a giveaway, but sometimes you will get paid in other ways. For example, you might get free products to try. If you start doing giveaways, you’ll get more traffic to your blog, and that can help you earn more with Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and any ads that you sell outright on your blog.

Creating Your Own Info Product – I know that a lot of people are intimidated by this. Don’t fall into that trap! There are things you know that other people want to know. There’s nothing stopping you from creating an ebook, a sewing pattern, etc, and then selling them. What knowledge do you have that you can share?

Teaching An Online Class – You can also take the above step and kick it up a notch by creating your own online class. This is a more hands-on way to share your knowledge. You don’t need any special  teaching certificates to teach your own class online.  All you need is the willingness to share what you know. You don’t even have to invest any money into special programs. There are many ways to teach a class online — for free!

Create Your Game Plan & Start Marketing – Now that you know several ways to expand your income, you need to sit down and create a game plan. When are you going to start implementing these things into your business? Write out your goals now. For example, decide that you’re going to have your first info product ready by March 15 or that you’re going to offer your first online class on June 1.

Then, once you have these things in place you need to start marketing them. Don’t be afraid of self-promotion. If you don’t tell people you’re offering these things, they can’t buy them from you.

I’m kicking off a special, 6 week workshop called Make More In 2012 on January 9, and I hope you’ll join me! Over the 6 weeks we will look at the above topics.

Each week, I will provide you with a new workbook on that week’s topic, and we’ll also have a group coaching call. I’ll record the calls, so if you can’t make it live, you can listen to the recording online.

For those that are intersted in working one-on-one with me, you can add (6) 1/2 hour coaching calls, too.

To join in on this workshop and receive the workbooks and group coaching calls for $50, please click here.
OR – you can choose to make 2 payments of $30 by clicking here.
The price will be going up to $75 soon, so grab this deal while you can!

To add the 6 one-on-one coaching calls to the workbooks and group calls for only $149, please click here
OR – you can choose to make 2 payments of $79 by clicking here. The price for this package will be going up to $199 soon!

PLUS – the first 10 people to join will receive a vendor booth in The Virtual Indie Craft Fair during January – at no additional cost! That’s a value of $30.

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Managing Your Biz

30 Days Of Blogging Motivation

I recently wrote my 1,000th blog post, and to celebrate, I’m offering 30 Days Of Blogging.

Each  day, for 30 days, you will receive a blogging tip and a blog post idea. I’ll be sending them directly to your email. The best part? The cost is only $10

To purchase now, for only $10,  click here

Not sure if this is something you’d use? Read on for a sample:

30 Days Of Blogging Motivation

Daily Tip: The idea of writing a blog post can seem intimidating to some people. Don’t look at it as “formal writing.” Instead, sit down and write in the way that you speak.

Your blog is a communication tool. It’s like a written conversation with your readers. You write the post, they leave comments, you comment back. There is a flowing dialogue. Get rid of the stiff writing and have a conversation!

Daily Post Idea: Tomorrow is December 1. Think about all the things that have happened this year. Write a post about one of your happiest moments this year.

If you’d like to get more of these tips and ideas emailed to you every day, for 30 days,

Click Here To Purchase Now For Only $10


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The Blog Must Go On: What I’ve Learned In 1,000 Posts

I need a drum roll, because this is an important — almost-epic-type-of-moment….  THIS IS MY 1,000th POST!!!

YES! I am totally serious – and very, very proud! For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ll sum it up quickly: I started this blog in the summer of 2007, right before my 30th birthday.  I had decided to create a website on my 29th birthday, and I knew nothing about doing it, so I gave myself a year to learn how, and to create my site, and I did it.

I’ve learned a lot of things in the last 1,000 posts. Here are a few things about blogging that I thought I’d share:

It’s Never Going To Be Perfect – If you learn one thing about blogging, I hope it’s this. It’s NEVER going to be perfect. I change up my theme all the time. I don’t change my brand – my logo and colors stay the same – but I do change the look of the blog, and that’s totally okay. Maybe you want a right sidebar, a left sidebar, a featured image gallery, whatever. Go ahead and experiment with things. But do not wait to start blogging until “it’s perfect.” Just start blogging, and make those changes as you feel like it.

Your Personal Life Will Be On Display – For some people, their blog is about their personal life. This blog is mostly about business, but my personal life does peek out from time to time. And that’s okay. I know that you are not reading this blog to learn about what I had for dinner last night. You want to learn about marketing your business online.

But sometimes I draw experiences from my personal life – like when I wrote this post about the first dates I went on after my divorce. and sometimes I just talk about what’s going on, like when I got sick and didn’t blog for a while when I was in the hospital. It helps you know me as a person and build a connection with me.  And that brings us to the next lesson…..

You’re Going To Make Some Friends – I have actually made a lot of friends through this blog. When I started this blog, I was living in Alaska, and I certainly didn’t expect it to improve my Michigan social life, but it did.  Bethany Nixon, the owner of Reware Vintage and one of the members of Handmade Detroit found my site, and in 2008, I traveled back to MI to partner with the University of Michigan Flint on a business conference. She attended, we met, and we hit it off right away. She introduced me to to the rest of the Handmade Detroit girls, as well as quite a few other social media / DIY people in Detroit.

Since then, Beth, Lish (another HD member), and I have taken several trips together. One of those was to Ohio, where we met up with the crafty ladies of Columbus. Another trip was to NYC, where we spoke on a blogging panel at Etsy’s headquarters. It was there that we met Rachel Johnson from SwapBot. We all kept in touch with her, and a few months ago, when I traveled to Minnesota to speak at BlogHer Handmade, Rachel flew in for the conference and we shared a hotel room.

Another person I had met via my site, and emailed when I was still in Alaska, was Amy Kelsey of Made With Luv. She and I met up at craft show and started talking during the monthly Flint City Handmade events. Meanwhile, I had met Cin Langston, another Flint person via Twitter. Cin and Amy started talking via the comments they both left on my Facebook status updates, and now we all get together regularly at Amy’s for “writing circle.” This is where we are supposed to write blog posts for our respective blogs, and there are times when we get a lot of work done, but sometimes, it’s just a gab session.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been lucky enough to meet up with other bloggers and crafters at conferences and shows. And there are many more people who I talk to on a daily basis but haven’t had a chance to meet in person yet. For example – Angela Wills of We’ve been partnering on projects and brainstorming ideas with each other for YEARS. There have been times when I’ve been stuck at my (former) day job and needed something fixed on my site, and I’ve been able to send her a quick email and she’s been there to help me.

Again  – that is one example. There are so many other people out there who I have met through this blog. It is just amazing!

You’re Going To Piss Some People Off – There are times when you’re going to piss a lot of people off. Well, maybe not as much I did with this post about how the Mompreneur label is NOT in and of itself a marketing campaign. And then, I made a few other people mad when I sent an email out about how I pissed off a bunch of moms. I guess using the phrase “pissed off” pisses off people that are against swearing.

And just to play devil’s advocate, “pissed off” really isn’t such a bad swear. The FCC allows people to say much worse stuff on network TV. And this is my blog after all, so I can say any damn swear word I want, even the EFF word. And trust me, I do say that word a lot. I just find it a lot more amusing to write “eff word,” or “effing this,” or “effing that.”

It Might Be A Hobby, It Might Be A Career – For some of you, blogging might be a hobby. That’s okay. Blogging is whatever you want it to be. For me, blogging became my career. That’s what I was banking on when I started this thing.

I didn’t know if anyone would ever care about this site or what I had to say, but I hoped they would. I’ll never forget the excitement that I had when I saw my traffic growing to double digits (as in 50+)! I’ll never forget the thrill of seeing that people were signing up for my newsletter. And I’ll never forget the amazement I felt on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, when I sold my first ebooks.

I’ll never forget that feeling because I still get excited, thrilled, and amazed everyday over the fact that I get to do this for a living.

This is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. I’m a blogger. It’s what I’ve become over these past 1,000 posts, and it’s definitely what I’m truly meant to be.
For blogging (and marketing) ideas, pick up a copy of The Year Long  Marketing And Blogging Guide. It is filled with 156 blogging ideas and 52 marketing tips! (enough for 3 blog posts per week and 1 new marketing strategy, each week — for a whole year!)

The Year Long Marketing And Blogging Guide is only $10 through December 11! Click Here To Purchase Now!

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Chevy’s Giving More Holiday Sweeps

As many of you know, I am a community manager for Chevy. I am VERY excited about the Chevy’s Giving More Holiday Sweeps that are going on right now!

Each week, for the next several weeks, we will be giving away some great prizes, such as gift cards to take your family to the movies, gift cards to help with your holiday shopping – and even a gift card to help you with your holiday meal.

That’s right! We even have a prize to help you with your holiday meal! Our next prize will be a $200 gift card to HoneyBaked Ham! The drawing is one week from today – and you can enter each day up until then!

To learn how to enter, and to keep up on the latest news of each week’s prize information, “like” us on Facebook by clicking here.


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